We Provide Practical Solutions To Resolving Your Debt Problems

When you find yourself financially burdened and struggling to pay off heavy debts, it can be difficult to recall what led to your situation. Sometimes it begins with mismanaging a few credit cards, or falling behind on a car loan or any number of other circumstances, including illness, job loss or divorce.

Every year, millions of individuals and families discover that filing for bankruptcy provides relief from their debt burden. At the Louisville office of attorney Michael B. Marks, we devote ourselves to helping people saddled with heavy debts explore their bankruptcy options. Regardless of your situation, we offer straightforward legal advice and creative solutions that help you retake control of your finances.

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Understanding Your Debt Burden

Although each person's situation is different and not all debts are dischargeable during bankruptcy, contacting a bankruptcy lawyer is a great place to begin gathering trustworthy information that can make the difference in getting the most from your bankruptcy case. Many of our clients come in carrying debts that include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Student loans
  • Car loans
  • Tax debt
  • Other secured and unsecured debts

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By devoting our efforts to matters of bankruptcy and consumer protection law, we understand the changing bankruptcy regulations and can arm you with our knowledge, confidence and experience.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.